Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Under The Tree

Under the tree

Enjoy the beautiful beach Gili Trawangan (Lombok) under the tree...

Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Late Sunset | view from Lombok

DSC01190 copy1

View of Sunset and mount Agung (Bali) from Malimbu Beach, Lombok.
very-very beautiful...and i miss the view of sunset in my hometown.

Selasa, 04 Januari 2011


my niece 2
my niece 3

My Lovely Niece...Keysha
she's my first niece from my old sister.

my niece

Look. Even she can use my laptop :D

Prambanan Temple

prambanan temple

looking for a photo to share at this blog. and i found it, this photo is from my old archive and i took this photo using my pocket camera..

Senin, 03 Januari 2011

A Tree in Merapi Mountain

merapi 2010

when i first time came to merapi mountain after the eruption. i saw a phenomenal tree at there.
it's really beautiful. in the middle of ruins, that big tree is still standing upright.


until time to go home, at the afternoon it's still look phenomenal.

2010 Eruptions of Mount Merapi

All this photo's I took when I became a Merapi volunteer after the eruption.
The Location is 5 kilometers from the top of mount Merapi.

merapi 2010
merapi 2010

the whole houses is covered by volcanic ash.

merapi 2010
in merapi 2010
merapi 2010 after eruption

in fact, there are many photos in my documents. but is impossible i uploaded it all.

and this the bonus music video. we are the world baby!!

Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

National Monument


National Monument (MONAS) view from the railway station Gambir.

Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

fluorescent light


why fluorescent light be my first post??
well,a lighting is describe you when you've got a new idea..so, just like me now who have got a new idea, a fresh think, to created this blog which i hope it'll be fun..

so THIS IS IT..my first post in my first blog..ahh and Happy New Year 2011 btw :cheer: